About BOSH

A lot of people when they find BOSH run ask what does BOSH actually mean? What makes BOSH Run different from other sites like Fetch, running clubs, Runners World and even the Marathon Talk site. What is so special and unique about BOSH.   Well It’s not an online running club for one, or a repository of race information or a coaching site. But a supportive eclectic mix of runners who just love running - anything from a mile to a 100 mile ultra. It's not about pace or records or club ch...

Mizuno Endure 24

It has been a while now since the Mizuno endure24 race and I have finished recovering and trying all the goodies they gave us so I thought I should write up my event, so grab yourself a cuppa some cake and a seat and settle in for a bit of a read. My Endure24 weekend started at precisely 07:36 Friday morning, when I was awoken by team captain Keith Elshaw phoning to confirm the meeting time later that morning. I decided I better get up and double check I had everything even though I had been re...